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The Art & Science of Sales

“Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something – And That Creates Revenues.  
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Is The Art & Science of How People Sell.  
It’s ALSO The Art & Science Of How People Learn
How People Learn Is How People Buy
Simple Formula:  You Don’t Sell Things – You Teach People How To Buy
You Better Understand How They Learn.  Using NLP Is An Art … And Just Like 
The Art of Music or Dance … It’s An Art That Can Be Taught.

NLP Is Also A Science – And That Means It’s Measurable
Go Inside Your Mind And The Mind Of Your Customer To Measure
The Power Of NLP In Selling.   It’s An Inside Job.”

– Paul H. Webb / Master NLP Trainer  – License #36014

“At Brandeis Training Solutions we teach you how to first go inside your mind … and then into the mind of the customer.   With proven Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) instruction, discovering and applying the art and science of selling becomes clear. It’s easy to apply – more
fun than you can imagine and get’s results …
tracking over an average of 19.7% increase in profits.”

Jeff Brandeis / Founder – Brandeis Training Solutions  .

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Do You Need Sales Training or Coaching To Increase Profits?

It is easy to learn and drives margins that exceed expectations!

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How Do You Decide To Buy Training That Gets
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I recently completed your Conversational Selling Program training sessions. Over the years I have attended many training seminars and rate your course as the best. I was concerned that it might be a waste of my time. When I went, about 75% of the material was new with good ideas that I could put into action. I feel that there is a lot of hype out there and programs that just aren’t realistic. This is realistic. Something you can sink your teeth into. Things that I can do on a continuous basis.

Carl D. Ward


Book a DNA - Increase Sales Now! 
"Discovery Needs Assessment"

As you begin to discover that a distance Learning Management System (LMS) for your training needs is in your best interest, you might like to book a call with us to customize specific courseware for your challenges. Be it interactive video based courses that emulate what happens in a live classroom or online coaching to advise on sales and management processes – we have you covered.

Industry Specific Sales Courses

Brandeis Training Solutions offers a wide range of courses in sales training which are tailored to specific industries and cultures –  giving you immediate and measurable results.

Training that covers a broad range of sales topics perfect for corporations or salespeople looking to get on a fastrack to develop long term sales success and turbo-charged profits. 

Get vehicle stock turning over in less time – increasing market share and profits – just what the OEM demands and the dealer is measured on.  With our automotive courseware we cover management + variables & fixed operations. 

To design the plumbing program Paul Webb spent 14 days in the field doing “ride-alongs” with top producing plumbers throughout North America. He constantly changes the material to stay current for today’s competitive markets.

Custom designed training packages to help you or your company close more deals. Covering both buying and selling strategies tactics and methods specific to real estate – techniques developed from top residential and commercial real estate experts.

Accounting and financial advisory practices often struggle with selling their services and rely on referrals. These courses will teach you how to sell your financial services in a scalable and efficient manner.

Brandeis Training Solutions has created a solar training system to allow your sales strategy to explode and guide you to close more leads successfully in the solar industry.

Expand Your Own Brand

Private Label our Sales Solutions

Brandeis Training Solutions has many years of experience and a proven track record in sales training with thousands of students and hundreds of companies ranging from small businesses to fortune 500 companies and multinationals. We offer select companies the opportunity to sell our training packages as their own under a custom designed private label agreement. Our resources, knowledge and training packages can then be leveraged to increase your own product or service offerings without the need for you to have to develop any of the course material or IP knowledge base.  Call Now:  727-455-0203

Book a Meeting Directly With Us to Learn More About Our Private Labelling Solutions.

Virtual Meeting Sessions

If online courses are just what you need and you want to “Turbo-Boost” your results … our Leadership and Management “Virtual Personal Coaching” does just that.  So imagine us as a training partner with interactive online training and management coaching to advise you on your sales processes and accountability … rest assured we have you covered.

"We Teach Advanced Sales Skills - We Don't Teach Beginner Programs ... With A Beginner Program You Make Beginner Money ... With An Advanced Program ... You Make Advanced Money."

- Paul Webb
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