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Online Sales Courses

Our packages of online training consist of a series of videos and written material which should be followed according to the schedule of the videos. The packages listed describe the content of each package as a basic overview. If you have questions regarding which specific option will suit you best, please feel free to reach out to us. The courses have been tailored to optimally suit your specific industry sales requirements.


Training Package
$ 199
  • Identify a Persons Learning Style
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing
  • Learning Eye Cues
  • How People Dress
  • Visual, Auditory, Kinestic
  • Addressing all Three Learning Styles


Training Package
$ 299
  • Everything in Basic Package
  • 7 Keys To Success
  • Sales Process Overview
  • Sales Greetings
  • Questioning Skills
  • Creative Questions


Training Package
$ 499
  • Everything in Advanced Package
  • Listening Skills
  • Reinforcing
  • Sequence Selling - Closing
  • Handling Customer Attitudes
  • Words that Buyers Use

Onsite Sales Training

Some businesses may already have a sales process in place with good salespeople but may wish to optimise their sales process. Alternatively, they may not have a concrete sales process in place or may be looking to hire new salespeople. For these businesses Brandeis Sales Training Solutions offers a consultancy service which will guide you along the process of setting up or optimizing your sales methods, advise on the right sales people for you or structure a sales training process your people can follow.

Live Sales Events

Brandeis often hosts sales training events during the year with specific sales topical focuses for each event. These events are more often than not paid events; however Brandeis does hold some free events with the aim to provide a baseline of sales knowledge to larger groups of people. These events are often industry specific however this may not always be the case as the material may be applicable to multiple fields.

White Label Sales Courses

Brandeis Training Solutions offers other sales businesses or large businesses with large in house sales forces the opportunity to add our sales courses to their own training programs. By working directly with us we can see which of our nearly 200 video training sessions will be most useful to you to add to your existing product offerings or training process. If there is something specific that you are looking to include that we do not already have we can see if we can build the course for you and record the material video, audio or written format. Furthermore we can assist you with the development of testing processes to ensure that the source material has been fully engaged with and absorbed. Talk directly with one of our directors to make sure you are getting the best possible solution to suit your needs.

Industry Specific Sales Courses

Training that covers a broad range of sales topics perfect for corporations or salespeople looking to get on a fastrack to develop long term sales success and turbo-charged profits. 

Get vehicle stock turning over in less time – increasing market share and profits – just what the OEM demands and the dealer is measured on.  With our automotive courseware we cover management + variables & fixed operations. 

To design the plumbing program Paul Webb spent 14 days in the field doing “ride-alongs” with top producing plumbers throughout North America. He constantly changes the material to stay current for today’s competitive markets.

Custom designed training packages to help you or your company close more deals. Covering both buying and selling strategies tactics and methods specific to real estate – techniques developed from top residential and commercial real estate experts.

Accounting and financial advisory practices often struggle with selling their services and rely on referrals. These courses will teach you how to sell your financial services in a scalable and efficient manner.
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