Paul Webb Training is an on-demand sales and marketing performance-training company that has helped over 41,000 sales and marketing professionals achieve incremental, sustained, and predictable revenue growth. With clients ranging from 180 of the Fortune 500 hundred corporations and service professionals, to vehicle manufacturers and national associations, PWT uses unique sales and marketing technology and methodology to teach its clients.

Paul Webb is the founder with over 43 years of experience. Webb has provided training and consulting to leading private and publicly owned corporations and has presented as a Keynote Speaker to numerous conventions, seminars, and associations. His unique training approach combines an interactive and guided discovery learning process with time-tested effective sales and management techniques. Humor is used – when they’re laughing they’re listening. When they listen, they learn.

As a licensed NLP Master Trainer since 1999, Paul Webb is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and uses this science as the foundation for the training programs. His training techniques have the ability to transfer information and focus learning to create an environment that helps others find the motivation in themselves to achieve their greatest business goals… increasing sales and multiplying profits!