My sales career started when I was 7, selling girl scout cookies for my sister. Understanding that I could easily get people excited by dealing with emotions, as well as with facts and detail — dealing with the analytical part of the brain. All this contributes to the decision-making process of the subconscious mind of a prospect.

This revelation had me searching out the “process” or “analytical” side of selling. So, I became an accountant (go figure!) and worked in CPA firms for 5 years… to balance my personal development. That helped me blend emotional and analytical approaches and demonstrate that the best process uses an exciting approach plus the proven science of NLP to increase and influence sales.

It became evident to me that there is incredible synergy when you combine the power of emotions with the power of process. So by teaming up with Paul Webb Training we created the perfect platform: combining over 30 years’ study of the best sales techniques alongside the analytical processes of NLP, giving us the competitive synergy to succeed!