Sales Training Industries

General Sales Training

Brandeis Sales Solutions has put a comprehensive grouping of packages together to help your sales strategy explode and guide you to close more leads successfully. These training packages are not aimed at any one industry specifically but rather covers everything from basic techniques through to advanced sales strategy and closing methods. The courses are perfect for the small business owner, tradesman or professional looking to expand their cashflow through sales.

Improve your Company Sales

Change the way you sell using our digital training. Close more clients and see your revenue grow significantly. Regardless of if you are new to the world of sales or someone with a fair bit of experience in selling; Brandeis has a solution to suit your sales needs. We have both digital courses and on-site solutions that will help you reach your sales goals.

Automotive Sales Training

Brandeis Automotive Training Solutions has built tailored sales training solutions for the automotive industry allowing dealers of new and used vehicles to quickly turn their stock around. Not only do we show you how to sell more but we also cover strategies which will build long lasting relationships with your clients resulting in repeat business and less price negotiation. Our solutions are proven to work with multinational dealerships and smaller dealerships.

Boost your Dealership Sales

Most dealerships struggle to hit their monthly sales targets but with our tailored sales training solutions you will see a consistent pattern of increased sales while following our online training programs. Alternatively, a dealer can hire Brandeis to facilitate on site training for their existing sales staff or even train their new staff.

Brandeis Plumbing Sales Solutions has put a sales training package together to help your sales strategy explode and guide you to close more leads successfully. This training covers everything from basic techniques through to advanced sales strategy and closing methods.

Evolve your Plumbing Business with Sales

To design the plumbing program Paul Webb spent 14 days in the field doing “ride-alongs” with top producing plumbers throughout North America. He constantly changes the material to stay current for today’s competitive markets.

Real Estate Sales Training

Real Estate is one of the most competitive sales environments in which to become a sales leader. Our tailored Real Estate training solutions are designed to make you stand out from the crowd and get those deals signed. Be it selling a house or large-scale development projects Brandeis has got you covered to maximise your results. With over 40 years of sales experience in Real Estate we can get you to master Real Estate sales with our courses.

Evolve your Property Sales

The process of getting your Realtors to a point where they can consistently close deals is typically an arduous one. With our tailored solutions we can significantly reduce the time it takes to successfully train a new agent or further boost the closing rate of an experienced realtor. This can be done through either our digital courses or an onsite training session.

CPA Sales Training

Brandeis CPA Training Solutions provides market specific training solutions for the financial services, accounting and advisory fields. It is well known that financial service individuals do not know how to sell themselves, however we have solved that problem for you by putting together specific packages aimed at getting more clients onto your books.

Grow your Client List

Every CPA firm needs a strong client list and a pipeline for sales to feed it. Brandeis CPA Training Solutions can provide you with the tools to make this a reality. Even if sales is not your strongest suit we can show you how to leverage your skills in the financial sector to generate more leads and close more clients. We can even show you how to maintain and manage the relationships needed for ongoing customer satisfaction. Select from one of our three digital course options or speak directly with one of our consultants to see how best you can be assisted.
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